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HSSF and XSSF Examples

HSSF and XSSF examples

POI 3.5 and later comes with a number of examples that demonstrate how you can use POI API to create documents from "real life". The examples are based on common XSSF-HSSF interfaces so that you can generate either *.xls or *.xlsx output just by setting a command-line argument:

          BusinessPlan -xls 
          BusinessPlan -xlsx

All sample source is available in SVN

Business Plan

The BusinessPlan application creates a sample business plan with three phases, weekly iterations and time highlighting. Demonstrates advanced cell formatting (number and date formats, alignmnets, fills, borders) and various settings for organizing data in a sheet (freezed panes, groupped rows).

business plan demo


The Calendar demo creates a multi sheet calendar. Each month is on a separate sheet.

calendar demo

Loan Calculator

The LoanCalculator demo creates a simple loan calculator. Demonstrates advance usage of cell formulas and named ranges.

loan calculator demo


The Timesheet demo creates a weekly timesheet with automatic calculation of total hours. Demonstrates advance usage of cell formulas.

timesheet demo

Conditional Formats

The ConditionalFormats demo is a collection of short examples showing what you can do with Excel conditional formating in POI:

  • Highlight cells based on their values
  • Highlight a range of cells based on a formula
  • Hide errors
  • Hide the duplicate values
  • Highlight duplicate entries in a column
  • Highlight items that are in a list on the worksheet
  • Highlight payments that are due in the next thirty days
  • Shade alternating rows on the worksheet
  • Shade bands of rows on the worksheet


The ToHtml example shows how to display a spreadsheet in HTML using the classes for spreadsheet display.


The ToCSV example demonstrates one way to convert an Excel spreadsheet into a CSV file.

by Yegor Kozlov