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Mailing Lists - Guidelines

Before subscribing to any of the mailing lists, please make sure that you have read and understand the following guidelines:


The POI User List

Medium Traffic Subscribe Unsubscribe Archive

This list is for users of POI to ask questions, share knowledge, and discuss issues. POI developers are also expected to be lurking on this list to offer support to users of POI.

The POI Developer List

Low Traffic Subscribe Unsubscribe Archive

This is the list where participating developers of the POI project meet and discuss issues, code changes/additions, etc. Subscribers to this list also get notices of each and every code change, build results, testing notices, etc. Do not send mail to this list with usage questions or configuration problems.

The POI General List

Low Traffic Subscribe Unsubscribe Archive

This list exists for general discussions on POI, not specific to code or problems with code. Used for discussion of general matters relating to all of the POI project, such as the website and changes in procedures.


The #apache-poi channel on the IRC network is a good place for quick questions. If your questions require a more in-depth answer, you will likely be encouraged to move the question to the mailing list.

by Nick Burch