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Most users of the source code probably don't need to have day to day access to the source code as it changes. Therefore most users will want to make use of our source release packages, which contain the complete source tree for each binary release, suitable for browsing or debugging. These source releases are available from our download page.

The Apache POI source code is also available as source artifacts in the Maven Central repository, which may be helpful for those users who make use of POI via Maven and wish to inspect the source (eg when debugging in an IDE).

Access the Version Controlled Source Code

For general information on connecting to the ASF Subversion, repositories, see the version control page.

Subversion is an open-source version control system. It has been contributed to the Apache Software Foundation and is now available here.

The root url of the ASF Subversion repository is, and the Apache POI source code lives within

NOTE: When checking out a subproject using subversion, ensure that you are checking out a tag, a branch or trunk (the main-line) and not all tags and branches, to avoid filling up your hard-disk and wasting bandwidth.

If you are not a Committer, but you want to submit patches or even request commit privileges, please see our Contribution Guidelines for more information.

Git access to POI sources

The master source repository for Apache POI is the Subversion one listed above. To support those users and developers who prefer to use the Git tooling, read-only access to the POI source tree is also available via Git. The Git mirrors normally track SVN to within a few minutes.

The official read-only Git repository for Apache POI is available from . The Git Clone URL is: git:// and Http Clone URL: . Please see the Git at Apache page for more details on the service.

In addition to the repository, changes are also mirrored in near-realtime to GitHub. The GitHub repository is available at . Please note that the GitHub repository is read-only, but pull requests sent to it will result in an email being sent to the mailing list. A Git-formatted patch added to Bugzilla is generally preferred though, as it can be tracked along with all the other contributions. Please see the contribution guidelines for more information on getting involved in the project.

Code metrics

Code quality reports for Apache POI are available on the Apache Sonar instance.

Sonar provides lots of useful numbers and statistics, especially watching the project over time shows how some of the indicators evolve and allows to see which areas need some polishing.

by Nick Burch