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POI-HSMF - Java API To Access Microsoft Outlook MSG Files


HSMF is the POI Project's pure Java implementation of the Outlook MSG format.

At this time, it provides low-level read access to all of the file, along with a user-facing way to get at the common textual content of MSG files. to all

There is an example MSG textual renderer, which shows how to access the common parts such as sender, subject, message body and examples. This is in the HSMF examples area of SVN. You may also wish to look at the unit tests for more use guides.

This code currently lives the scratchpad area of the POI SVN repository. To use this component, ensure you have the Scratchpad Jar on your classpath, or a dependency defined on the poi-scratchpad artifact - the main POI jar is not enough! See the POI Components Map for more details.
This code is subject to change between versions, and being "scratchpad", doesn't maintain the usual Apache POI backwards compatibility guarantees. In particular, the way that property values are fetched is expected to change soon, as part of the work to improve fixed-length property support.
by Nick Burch, Travis Ferguson